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Volunteer Management for Emergencies

Story County

Emergency Services

Central Iowa RSVP has a special role in a disaster or major emergency in Story County. RSVP volunteers are pre-trained to staff a Volunteer Reception Center and a Non-Emergency Phone Bank. The Volunteer Reception Center registers all volunteers who step up to help in an emergency. They are issued proper identification and deployed at the request of city/county officials. The Non-Emergency Phone Bank is activated to help link volunteers and other resources with response and recovery needs.

Because RSVP volunteers are pre-trained, they are able to handle their responsibilities when disaster strikes. All volunteers start with the Basic Training, which provides an overview of both the Volunteer Reception Center and the Phone Bank. Based on interest, volunteers may then take additional training.  Drills and exercises are conducted twice a year so volunteers can stay sharp and ready-to-serve when called upon.

Emergency Services

RSVP partners with Mary Greeley Home Health Services (Story County’s Public Health Agency) to provide the management of volunteers needed during public health emergencies.  RSVP volunteers are trained to serve in a variety of capacities in the facilitating of PODS (Points of Disbursement) in the event of a pandemic or infectious outbreak, including assistance in the following areas: Set-up, Greeters, Registration, Traffic/Crowd Control and Flow, Runners, and Data Entry. 

Public Health Emergencies

Emergency Services

RSVP collaborates with the Story County Sheriff's Office to provide pre-trained volunteers to assist in the event of a missing or abducted person(s) case. RSVP volunteers are pre-trained to assist the Sheriff's Office with answering a Tip Hotline.

Story County Sherriff's Office Partnership

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