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Opioid abuse was often in the news prior to 2020, but with the onslaught of COVID-19, the concern about opioids fell off of most people’s radar. However, the opioid epidemic did not go away, but actually got worse during the COVID years. Fear, depression and isolation only acted to exacerbate the drive to use opioids as an escape route.

Many people think that they have no connection with opioids and would never abuse opioids. However, if you have ever been prescribed a pain killer for an injury, chronic pain, or even a tooth extraction, it is likely that the drug you were prescribed was an opioid. You might in fact still have that opioid sitting in your medicine cabinet. This is dangerous as it is a great temptation to others who have access to your meds.

SPAN the Generations

Hamilton & Webster Counties

Seniors Preventing Addiction to Narcotics is devoted to bringing vital opioid information to our community.  Trained RSVP volunteers give presentations which focus on opioids, their safe use, safe storage and safe disposal, and the warning signs of abuse in loved ones.

If you are part of a group that would like to have a SPAN the Generations presentation, please contact Becky Koppen at (515) 832-2525.

SPAN The Generations

Apply to volunteer if you are interested in becoming a SPAN presenter.

Did You Know
Partnership for a Healthy Iowa

Learn how you can play an important role in stemming the tide of the opioid crisis.

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