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Our RSVP volunteers

  • Help children increase academic performance

  • Help local law enforcement better serve the public

  • Help homebound elderly residents remain living in their own homes

  • Serve the needs of the communities in the event of a disaster

  • Help children/young adults learn life skills

  • Assist families in need

  • Provide diverse support to public, nonprofit, and healthcare agencies

Food Pantry
  1. Complete a Volunteer Application to let us know more about you and your interests.

  2. Come to an RSVP Volunteer Orientation to learn about RSVP and the benefits of becoming a volunteer.

  3. Let RSVP staff support you and get you plugged in to the best volunteer opportunities for you.

  4. Experience the rewards of sharing your time and talents to make a difference in the community!

Becoming a Volunteer

Reading Buddy

Central Iowa RSVP has provides three core services - Volunteer Management for those aged 55 and older, the Transportation Program in Story County, and Volunteer Management for Emergencies.  

Central Iowa RSVP is committed to providing a safe and inclusive experience for all of our volunteers.  Regardless of ability, background or personal experiences, we will ensure all volunteers age 55 and over are welcome and included with RSVP.  Come be yourself and find a volunteer opportunity that will engage you in rewarding service to your community and to others. 

The Volunteer Coordinators at Central Iowa RSVP work with local organizations who have a need for volunteers, and then work to find the best volunteers for the job.

55+ Volunteer Management

The RSVP Transportation Program provides Story County's older adults with safe and reliable transportation to and from medical appointments and other essential services within the county.  

Transportation Program

Central Iowa RSVP assists in managing volunteers during emergency situations in Story County through Volunteer Reception Centers, non-emergency phone banks, tip hotlines, Points of Distribution, and more.

Volunteer Management for Emergencies

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

About Central Iowa RSVP

RSVP Projects in the State of Iowa

State of Iowa RSVP Projects

RSVP provides a proven and effective infrastructure to recruit, screen, and place volunteers in public and nonprofit organizations meeting local needs throughout Iowa.

State of Iowa RSVP Projects Key

See the impact RSVP made in the state of Iowa in 2023.  View the Annual Report.

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