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Transportation Program

Story County

The RSVP Transportation Program provides Story County's older adults with safe and reliable transportation to and from medical appointments and other essential services within the county.  For detailed information about the program, eligibility guidelines, and rules, view our Transportation Program Information.

In addition to transportation, RSVP also provides grocery delivery services to qualified residents of Story County.  Working in partnership with Heartland of Story County, RSVP engages volunteers to delivery groceries from local grocers to homebound residents or those otherwise struggling to get the food and staples they need to live independently.  This service is available by referral only.  If you are a volunteer interested in helping provide this service, please complete the driver application below. 

For complete list of program rules, view our Transportation Program Information.

You can make a difference in the lives of Story County residents by becoming part of a pool of volunteers who provide occasional rides to those in need of transportation.

Transportation Program
Transportation Program

General Eligibility for Clients:

  • Resident of Story County

  • Complete and sign a Client Application 

  • Mentally alert (unless accompanied)

  • Ambulatory (able to get to/from vehicle with little/no assistance)

    • RSVP CAN accommodate collapsible walkers, canes, and/or portable oxygen tanks​

    • RSVP CANNOT accommodate large seated walkers or wheelchairs

  • Willing to have an assessment conducted to determine eligibility

  • Provide 48+ hours notice (excluding weekend) when scheduling an in-county ride and 72+ hours for an out-of-county ride

  • Service is to be used for essential trips only, with medical appointments taking priority

General Eligibility for Drivers:

  • Aged 55+

  • Complete and sign a Driver Application 

  • Agree to have a criminal background check and Department of Motor Vehicle background check

  • Provide a copy of current, valid driver's license

  • Maintain and provide proof of vehicle insurance that includes liability (state minimum)

  • Had no at-fault vehicle accidents for the past 3 years 

  • Physically capable of driving safely will will not drive while using any drug that may affect driving ability, either prescription or over-the-counter

  • Have a mechanically sound vehicle, equipped with seat belts, which will be used

  • Maintain all records required by RSVP and will not personally accept donations from riders

  • Will notify RSVP if no longer wish to be a driver

If you are a Story County resident in need of ongoing or occasional, supplemental transportation services and live in Story County, this program may meet your needs.

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