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Emergency Volunteer Application
Do you have a current Iowa Driver's License?
Do you have a Commercial Driver's License?
Do you, or have you ever, reported to a probation officer?

Emergency Contact

Special Skills, Qualifications, and Interests

Do you or have you had professional licensure in any field?

RSVP Volunteer Management for Emergencies

Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) - Management of spontaneous volunteers activated in an emergency
Non-Emergency Phone Bank - Process calls from the public in the aftermath of an emergency
Public Safety - Story County Sherriff's Office - Assist in the event of a missing/abducted child/person
Public Health - Story County Public Health (MGHHHS) - Assist with staffing dispensing sites (PODS)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Regardless of the opportunity, all volunteers will be pre-trained on the jobs they select.  Training is provided throughout the year during non-emergency times, as well as at the time of emergency activation.

Consent and Signature

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