Volunteers for Winter Weatherization are needed badly in Webster County.  Call Becky Koppen if you can give an afternoon to help weatherize homes for low income, frail elderly, and veterans.

Becky:  (515) 832-2525

RSVP Helps Warm Hearts and Homes

Before the winter winds begin to howl through drafty windows and gaps in doors, RSVP Winter Weatherization is coming to the rescue. RSVP is spearheading the Warm Hearts/Warm Homes Winter Weatherization project in both 

Hamilton and Webster Counties this fall. 

Teams of volunteers will install weatherization 

materials in homes of low-income families, frail elderly, and veterans or families of currently 

deployed military personnel. 

The date for winter weatherization is

Saturday, November 2 in Hamilton County,

and Saturday, November 9 in Webster County. 

Businesses, banks, offices and organizations are encouraged to assemble teams of 4 to 5 people who will do the indoor weatherization work. No exterior work will be done, so there will be no climbing on ladders. 

Prior to the installation dates, homes will be visited by RSVP volunteers who will determine the materials needed. If you are handy with a tape measure, your assistance in this home auditing procedure is greatly needed. Volunteers will also be needed to bag up materials for each home, and to assemble information for the weatherization teams. 

Applications are currently available for homeowners or renters who would like to have their homes weatherized. 

To volunteer your services, or to apply for weatherization for your home,

please contact Becky Koppen at 515-832-2525. 

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