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RSVP in the Schools


Central Iowa RSVP offers many volunteer opportunities to help kids in school.  One is our Speak Up! program (see photo left) presented by RSVP volunteers and designed to help fifth graders prepare and present a speech while learning to become more comfortable with public speaking.  Students also learn lectern courtesies and other roles important in public speaking (i.e. how to emcee, how to be a respectful member of the audience, etc.).  Studies show that public speaking is one of the top fears that most people have so Speak UP! is designed to help students overcome their fear of public speaking in a fun and nurturing environment.  RSVP volunteers are helping to change this statistic--one fifth grader at a time.

Another popular RSVP volunteer program in the schools is the RSVP Pen Pal Project.  Volunteers exchange letters with an elementary or middle school student during the school year, helping kids learn their letter-writing skills while also developing a relationship through the mail with someone from another generation.  The project culminates with an opportunity to meet and visit at a Pen Pal Party held in the Spring.  

RSVP also provides opportunities for volunteers to help kids succeed academically through a variety of tutoring, reading, and mentoring programs.

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