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Story County


503 Elm Avenue 

Story City, Iowa 50248   


515-733-4448 (fax #)


 110 Crystal Street 

 Ames, IA  50010


515-292-9202 (fax#)




RSVP--Story City:

Volunteer to lead assembly of RSVP's quarterly newsletter at the Story City RSVP office.  Approximately 2-hours per session.

 Call (515) 733-4917 for more information. 

Emergency Residence Project:

  Volunteers needed to assist with operations of the Shelter from 10 – 2 on weekends.  Answer the phone, process requests for assistance, sort donations, provide information and referrals, etc.  The Ames Emergency Residence Project provides emergency shelter for men, women, and families.  For more information, call Tom at 515-292-8890.

Senior Variety Show: 

Volunteers needed to serve as ushers at this year’s Senior Variety Show, Friday evening August 18th and Sunday afternoon, August 20th.  This is always a fun event and ushers get in to see the show for free!  For more information, call Tom at 515-292-8890. 

Story County Jail:

Volunteers are needed to assist with the jail visitation program. Hours are Tuesday 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Thursday 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, and Sunday 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Responsibilities include greeting the visitors, checking them in, escorting them to the visitation area, and assisting them with the signing out procedure. Training is provided, and a background check will be completed. For more information, call Teal at 515-292-8890.

Pen Pals:

Volunteer as a Pen Pal for a 5th grade student. The Pen Pal Program helps the students improve their writing skills and build respect & a better understanding as they learn from and about an older generation. This is one of the most fun & rewarding experiences, and the kids are great!  For more information, call Tom at 515-292-8890.


Orientation for new or prospective volunteers will is 10:00 AM on Thursday, August 17th and will be held in the RSVP office at 110 Crystal Street in Ames.  Call 515-292-8890 for more information.


For more information about RSVP (as well as other volunteer opportunities), please visit or like our Facebook page, Central Iowa RSVP.




Transportation Rider Information

Central Iowa RSVP Volunteer Driver Program

Transportation Rider Information


Introduction to RSVP

Central Iowa RSVP is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of adults age 55 and older by connecting them with rewarding volunteer experiences that meet community needs.  Serving Story County since 1973, RSVP recruits and places volunteers with over 80 public, non-profit, and health care agencies. In addition, RSVP coordinates a Volunteer Management for Emergencies Program and a Volunteer Driver Transportation Program.  RSVP recruits, trains, and mobilizes volunteer drivers to provide transportation to Story County residents needing rides to in-county medical appointments and other essential services.


Service Eligibility and Trip Request Provisions 

  1. Riders must be a resident of Story County.
  2. Riders must fill out and sign a client application/waiver of liability for RSVP to keep on file/
  3. Riders must be mentally alert (unless accompanied) and ambulatory (able to get to and from a vehicle with little or no assistance). RSVP CAN accommodate clients with collapsible walkers, canes, and/or portable oxygen tanks.  RSVP CANNOT accommodate large seated walkers or wheelchairs.
  4. Riders must be willing to have an in-home assessment conducted by a trained RSVP   Volunteer Outreach Specialist to determine eligibility for the RSVP Transportation Program.
  5. Rides should be for trips within Story County. Trips outside Story County may be considered      but will not be a priority.
  6. Trip requests should be for medical or medical-related appointments* (including pharmacy).  Trips to the grocery store will also be accepted.  Other trips may be considered but will not be a priority.  *Clients may request transportation TO an appointment for a procedure requiring sedation but RSVP will NOT provide transportation FROM any medical procedure that requires sedation. 
  7. Our primary focus is in providing rides to Story County’s older adult population.  If exceptions are made, riders with children must provide appropriate car/booster seats and install them. All children under age 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
  8. Rides must be for 2 or fewer passengers.  (Exceptions may be made at the discretion of RSVP staff.)
  9. RSVP Office hours are 8am – 4pm at the Ames Office and 9am – 5pm at the Story City Office.  Riders must request transportation services within at least 48 business hours of the needed trip and are encouraged to request services with as much advance notice as possible.  RSVP will make every attempt to fill all needed requests for service. Late notice requests can be made but are not likely to be filled.  The more notice we are given, the better the chances are that we will be able to find a driver.
  10. Riders must not ask drivers to make additional stops that were not part of the original trip request.  All scheduled stops must be approved/scheduled through the RSVP office.  An exception can be made for stops to pick up a prescription after your appointment.
  11. Riders should not request future trips from a driver but must go through the RSVP office.
  12. Rides can be scheduled for appointments that are Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm. 

Cost:  Because of federal regulations, we are not able to charge a fee for this service.  This service is funded by United Way of Story County and sustained by donations to the program.  It is our hope that not charging a fee/rate does not compromise our ability to continue to provide the service.  In addition to administrative costs, we know that the volunteers will need to be reimbursed for their trip expenses and that RSVP will need to continue to provide that benefit to the drivers.  All drivers provide their own vehicles and are required to carry full-coverage auto insurance.  Donations to RSVP are appreciated.

Conditions of Service

  • RSVP staff will monitor and assess road and weather conditions at all times.  If at any time, the safety of the volunteer or the rider is compromised by these or other conditions, we will cancel the scheduled trip. 
  • The pick-up and drop-off settings must be such that there is no immediate danger.
  • Volunteers will provide transportation only.
  • A primary caregiver or significant other will accept full responsibility for the care of the client should he or she need to be accompanied.
  • If RSVP receives information through online criminal record checks, or from a caregiver or a qualified professional (regarding a transportation client’s physical and/or mental condition) that could compromise the safety or well-being of a volunteer driver, services may be denied.  (Please note that RSVP reserves the right to conduct online criminal record checks as well as a National Sex Offender Registry check on all registered clients).
  • Physical and/or verbal abuse of volunteers will not be tolerated and will call for immediate termination of service.
  • Central Iowa RSVP will not deny service on the grounds of age, sex, color, sexual orientation, race, religion, social or economic status, and physical (must be ambulatory) or mental disability.


To request a ride, call RSVP at 515-292-8890 (Ames) or 515-733-4917 (Story City).  Once the trip is arranged, you will be notified with confirmation that a volunteer has been scheduled. 

 Last Updated:  January 18, 2016

Client Application

Please download, print, fill out, and either mail or bring into a Story County RSVP office.

Client Application 2015 Application.jpg

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